Abraham J. Meintjes
“Dawid Bothma was called and inspired to research and produce a Scroll that helps to provide a comprehensive and fluid Biblical perspective. It just gives many of us a step up in our insight, wisdom and ministry development.

It is not about politics, agendas, kinship, favorites, prejudice or profit, – but about Scripture understanding, and what YHVH and the Holy (Set-aside) Spirit wants to do through Dawid and those who assimilate Dawid’s work.

Dawid made a special effort to visit me. I believe his product, initiative and perseverance are worth more than the price he asks or the message he brings.”

El-Shaddai (Missionary) Projects International
Thank you for these inspirational words. I value it but give the credit and glory to the Lord.

Thora Sapiro
“remarkable work”

Jan van Niekerk
“fascinating and enlightening”

Gerrit en Syntiche Claassen
[TRANSLATED] Congratulations with an excellent piece of work. You can be proud. We pray that the Lord will open doors for you so that you can confirm the authority of the Word without reservation.

[AFRIKAANS] Baie geluk met ‘n uitstekende stuk werk, jy kan trots wees daarop. Ons bid dat Here deure wyd vir jou sal oopmaak sodat jy onbeskaamd die gesag van Woord van God kan bevestig.

Lewende Woord / Living Word
(Bible College Head: John Grobler)
With reference to the above we hereby wish to thank you for giving us the Biblical time line and we appreciate all the work that was put into it. The overall display of the time line in our library looks great. All our students can learn a lot from it and this will be most helpful to many. We look forward to sharing it with all the students.

This is much appreciated, thank you again for such an informative layout.