THE BIBLE GENEALOGY, a timeline graphically representing the people and major events from the creation of the earth until the time that the last book of the Bible was written. This chart spans about 4100 years of history, 4000 years from Adam to the birth of Christ and another 100 years from the birth of Christ to the time that the temple of Solomon was destroyed.

THE BIBLE GENEALOGY is the result of a study that originated from a desire to put the Biblical characters and events from this period into perspective.

THE BIBLE GENEALOGY graphically shows the interrelationships between the people and events from the collection of books that comprises the Bible. This set of books, inspired by the Holy Spirit, was written by various individuals with their individual writing styles and over an extended period, while each of them focuses on its specific message.

References to names and Bible verses correspond as far as possible with the King James Bible (KJV)

The aim of the BIBLE Genealogy is not to prove or disprove the BIBLE but the author can confirm that he did not find any contradictions that cannot be explained by seeing the facts in perspective.