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The BIBLE Genealogy (a DavidScroll) is a valuable instrument in the hands of any student of the Word of God.
The aim is to put the people and major events of the BIBLE in perspective. (4004 BC to AD 100)
In the Beginning:
The BIBLE Genealogy starts 4004BC with the creation of Adam and Eve as the first people. Adam, made in the image of God and the rest of man is born in the image if Adam.
(picture 1)
The first sight
The first copy received from the printer. The picture shows (front to back) David Bothma, Marcel Roux and Jorrie Jordaan.
(picture 2)
Form of a Scroll
The BIBLE Genealogy is presented in the form of a scroll.
(picture 3)
The graphic shows a small extract from the Bible Genealogy. The specific section covers 200 years horisontally.
(picture 4)
Wall Mount
The BIBLE Genealogy can be printed on a PVC, which allows it to be mounted on a wall.
Cornel Bothma is pointing to the live of David.
(picture 5)
Original aim
David started off drawing this picture, showing the lives of Adam to Joseph. He then added interesting information and other related names and ended with the with The BIBLE Genealogy.
(picture 6)
The aim of the BIBLE Genealogy is not to prove or disprove the BIBLE but the author can confirm that he did not find any contradictions that cannot be explained by seeing the facts in perspective.
Delivery Option: Scroll
Delivery Option: PVC Wall Mounted